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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Airport 1975, just started watching it. I remember watching it when it first came out. Mind you, it was with my dad on TV..

And, how things have changed..
Fashions for one..
Rampant drinking before and on board. And that seems to be OK / the norm.
Smoking, the pilot has a big stogie in his mouth!
Little not apparent airport security.
The flight engineer is a womanizer, and it seem 'normal' fro him to be making lewd comments at teh stewardesses..
The flight cabin doesn't seem to have a door..
Spacious seating, even in coach..

It's hard not to make side-cracks as 'Stanley Roper' (Three's company) is one of the three main drunks. Linda Blair is the 'sick girl' (hard not to make 'The Excorsists' jabs & jokes). Charleston Heston is a chief instructor, hard not to make Ben Hur slurs.. This is one movie the modern 'MST3K' could make hilarious.. I can see where they got the idea for "Airplane"!! and, with that, it's hard not to make "Airplane" jabs & jokes & quotes!

Continuity is off too. They're at 12000 feet, yet in one seen you can see land & mountains, the next they seem to be above the cloud layer.. The stewardess is trying to fly the plane, yet the instructions given seem a little off, and a little vague at some points..

All too funny, actually.. Compared to how movies are done today, how planes are flown / piloted, and how airports work today..
I loved all the Airport movies, as well as the Airplane movies.

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