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Jan 18, 2009
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I JUST got around to downloading the pics from airfest after a month and a half of procrastinating/not having the camera.....

So, I got them all downloaded and for the high resolution I took them on I'm suprised how small the filesizes were. YES!!!!!
Anyways, I still have to resize them. First pic coming in a couple minutes.
plum attack/deep purple, I forget which. Anyways, this was the first flight of the day on an M something (i believe 1319)
PADP coming up to pressure

I think my pics gained filesize as the day went on, either to juts piss me off or maybe cause of the heat, anyways every pic i resize has to be smaller and smaller.
Here's a skidmark that didn't mark too much except for a fire, but was wet-yourself loud.
The mostest awsomest thing about that V-2 is that it is made entirely out of cardboard.
It flew at least 3 times at AIRFest.
And it flew well.

yep :)

I'll upload more pics later, i had to go yesterday. i should start uploading more in half an hour or so.
a nice looking Bomarc, set to go on a J570 airstarting 2 I211s in sequence to spin it