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Apr 8, 2004
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I went to a realitevly new hobby shop here in town today. Hes got alot of different stuff that can be used for rocketry. from $1.99 3 lengths of 3/16" all kinds of glues CAs...wood..everything.
He also has a very nice selection of different balsa, basswood, birch all from Midwest Co. But what I noticed the most was his aircraft ply wood. He has about every imaginable thickness width etc...Realtivley cheap about $8 for a sheet 12x24x...1/8"th?
Anyways I wondered if it would be resonable to use this on LPR? of course it isn't nessecary but does it weigh more than basswood or balsa?

any ideas experince is welcome i think this might be the material of choice even if i use it for CT rings or something.

Plywood is heavier than both balsa and basswood of the same thickness (well, the muli-ply aircraft stuff is anyway.) It is overkill for LPR unless you have some sharp angles on your fin shapes that you don't want to get chipped or dented or banged up as easily.

On most LPR stuff, if you do decide to use it for the rigidity/durability/toughness, you can use thinner stuff (1/16 to 3/32 depending on how flexible it is - which will vary by brand and how its made)
i get 5/32" aircraft ply for about $6 for the same size piece.

i believe aircraft plywood is made from thin, laminated sheets of birch, making it very strong, but slightly heavy as materials go...

the really thin stuff can be quite useful for centering rings, fins, etc.

if you have a fin lander, a/c ply will hold up much better than balsa, though bass might hold up just as well and finishes easily.
yeah i may use the thinner stuff for CT rings :: shrugs :: just wanted to find out if anyone knew more about it.
Thnx for the info guys!
We use 1/16" for our Battle Axe and plan on using it in our other kits to. I have had no problem and I make the rockets look real nice
thanks for posting john .. I'll have to check them out ,thats only about 15-20 minutes from me !
I have used 1/8 inch three layer "lite ply" for larger low power. It is very strong and about the same weight as bass wood.