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Mar 21, 2009
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I just managed to find "Pledge with Future" which I heard is the same as just plain "Future" whicj I cannot find. My question is do I just spray it on full strength or dilute it with water? :confused2:
Thanks, and clean up with what?
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I start with dumping out what's left in the trashcan. Then I spray some alcohol through my airbrush then wipe the cup with a q-tip (I have an Iwata with a built in cup). Finally after a quick spray of water I run some Tamiya Acrylic thinner through the brush to keep it lubed up.........

I don't disassemble the brush......
I haven't shot future but on one of the many discussions in the archive, running Windex through the brush was highly recommended. The ammonia cleans out the future.
the best cleaner for future gunked airbrushes I have found is a cheap ammonia cleaner/concentrate. It also has soaps in it that helps get it sparkly clean.
Thanks guys, I tried the windex and so far so good.