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Sep 20, 2003
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For you folks with airbrush experience....

How much will a quality airbrush (one appropriate for shooting rockets) run me.

Can you provide some details about the major components?
like the air compressor...the paint resevoir...ect?

We've done several threads on this subject, I'd suggest using the search feature to research the topic...theres a lot of good info in these threads.

That said a decent Paahe-H set will run about 25.00 or 40.00 bucks depending on where and when you buy. You'll want to add a couple larger cap. bottles with lips and maybe a spare #5 needle/tip comb which may add another 8 to 10 buck.. Then you need to think about your air supply, again several GREAT threads I think mostly in the scratch built and techniques section.
Hope this helps.
i have this catch canister that collects the water from the air before it gets to the paint, this makes the paint dry quicker and run less...usually it catches a good amount too.
All thorw in what i can both of the previous replys are very true indeed..but everything does. :rolleyes:

I bought my Paasche double action for $70 at a local Crafts 2000.
It works great. I'd recommend a D-A for anyone....and who ever says you can't learn to use them..that person is crazy. They aren't hard to learn AT ALL. and when you do get some experience you can do some great things with them... flame and ghost effects like you wouldn't believe.
But this my not be best suggestion i do exactly what you are doing now, but only go father out on the "net" theres so much you can learn.

As far a air compressors go...
You can buy special ones that have all kinds of filters and such that are made specifically for Airbrushing....they are small and compact..and usualy pump up pretty quick...and aren't extremely loud.
But there are other ways to go...this way was just more convient for us when we bought our compressor.
We own a 3 piston comp. This just means it pumps up quicker...not exactly a nessecary thing for only airbrushing.
But if you ever wish to use an Airgun..this would apply to other house hold "maintenance" **shudders**:eek:
It would benefit you greatly to buy a larger compressor/ to mention they are great all around tools...we use ours for everything.
You'll have to research some compressors on your own your local Home Depot or Lowes carries them likely.
But depending on what kind you get..make sure it has filters that....

1. Filter the air going INTO the tank.
2. Filter the air LEAVING the tank.

these are im portant to keep the inside of the tank clean and make sure the air leaving the tank and going through your airbrush doesn't have junk in it that can clog your A/B these also cut down on moisture.
Be sure to read your manuals when you get the tank and follow the instructions like the doesn't take much time and what time it does take for maintence is well worth your $200+ purcahse.

I could write more..but i don't want to give useless information.
If you have another question you could PM me or email or AIM usualy around most of the time.

Good luck!!

Dixie art has good prices on airbrushes

they have the Paasche dual action set for 59.95
they have the Paasche single action set for 46.95
these sets have all the necesary size needles and bottles

plus anything over $45 includes free ups shipping
and I recieved my last order in 3 days !

ofcourse they also cary Badger, Iwatta,and other brands as well
Thanks for the tips guys....

I went with the Paasche H from Dixie.

Now, about that compressor.....
If you have a Craftmart in your area, they put out 40% off a single item coupons on a regular basis, check you mail or news paper.

This is how I got my Paasche and compressor. I wish I knew how to use it and which patints to use. I've had it over a year and never used it.
Check out the compressors at Harbor Freight. they are a good bargain and the shipping is free.

The airbrush arrived in the mail today. It is even more impressive "live in person".

Now onto the compressor.

As I understand it, a good compressor set-up will require a regulator/filter?
it's a necessity, you need to be able to regulate the pressure
So I checked out and found an air compressor I thought would be adequate for not only airbrushing, but other "garage" applications.

So I go to the local retail store here in town, only to discover that this particular item is only offered on the internet website. I was kinda POed about the whole experience as waste of my time because this fact wasn't stated anywhere on the website. I only learned this by talking to a rep at the store. What appeared to be a good bargain will cost about another $40 for delivery.

Did I miss something on the website?
If an item is in one of HF catalogs, sales flyers - they will honor those prices in the retail store if they have the identical item in stock. I've even printed pages from their website and they seem to happily honor those prices, probably because it's printed on a piece of paper. It does need to have an identical stock number because they sell a lot of similar items.

It seems that my HF seems to nearly always have some compressors on sale between the catalog and flyers. Keep looking.
I'm not questioning the price, rather availability. I made the assumption that items advertised on the website could be purchased at the the retail store as well (and vice versa). This is not the case. They don't stock this model in the retail store.

Hospital Rocket...I didn't see anything about free freight either, unless I missed that too.
My local harbour freight only stocks 50% of whats in the catalog or website yet they still have mabey 12 different compressors on display for much less than you would pay anywhere else I've been.. they have them on sale atleast once a month, hang on
Got an opportunity to use the new airbrush for "production" work yesterday. The boy and I used it to blow a custom funky green acrylic on his pinewood derby racer.

The first attempt went poorly with many runs. However, we were able to simply wipe of that application and start anew. I made adjustments to the No 5 with fantastic results. The aibrush seemed to whistle, but laid down a smooth coat.

Cant wait to try the airbrush on