Airbrush paints...what do you use?

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Jul 10, 2004
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I'm having some trouble finding various paint manufacturers to use with an airbrush. Could you guys recommend some of the top paint brands out there? Thanks.
are you interested in waterbased,oilbased or does it matter either way?
Well I'm just getting into airbrush painting, could you explain some basic differences between them? Thanks.
If your just getting started , I would recommend the least expensive acrylic (water based) paints.
I used to recommend more expensive paints like createx to beginners because there is no need for thinning so it's ready to spray

But since I discovered "airbrush medium" for thinning, I have had excellent results with craft type paints such as Anita's, Apple barn, ceram coat...ect.

I use Liquitex airbrush medium because it readily available at most craft stores like hobby lobby
I use all sort of things in my airbrush: model specific paints like Tamiya (less so these days since I've found cheaper alternatives that perform very well), cheap craft paints, house paint, inks, and occasionally some enamels and lacquers.

Basically, if I can thin it to the right consistency (similar to whole milk), then I don't hesistate to try to shoot it from my airbrush. More often than not, the results are quite good.
I too have been considering airbrush, but don't yet have a compressor.

What characteristics do I need to consider? What about psi?

I am looking for a paint that will be able to be sprayed out of an airbrush, but i want something that will produce a nice brilliant finish, and will not fade in UV etc. I don't mind spending a little more to get good paint, but if there is something that works well and is cheap, all the better. I would have base, colour, and clearcoats to make it look nice and shiny, but what will work/look best? I only want basic colours, a nice brilliant white, blue, and maybe a black.
I use Testor's Model Master Acryl. I've been able to paint nice looking glossy nose cones with one thick coat of paint. I've done this with black,white, and blue paint.

I did a clever save the other day. I was painted the inside of an engine nozzle black--the outside was already painted a glossy orange color. But, the paint came on far too wet, and soaked through the masking. I used the special Acryl thinner to take the black paint off the orange, without harming the glossy orange paint. :D
most of what I've been using goes on flat ,so the clearcoat provides the gloss.