Air Brush Series...One person’s experience

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Jul 23, 2002
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Air Brush Series...One person’s experience

I am starting this thread in hopes of helping anyone else who might be thinking about buying and using an airbrush.

Anyone that wants to pipe in, please do so as this is all new to me. I hope to take this thread from the point of buying an airbrush through to actually using it. I'll take photos when I can.
The Airbrush Okay, after a lot of research and feedback from this forum, I have decided to purchase the Paasche H Set from Dixie art for 46.00. Pretty cheap considering the shipping is free. I was hoping to buy it at Michael’s but their prices are so inflated, that I would have spent another 30 bucks even after the 40% off coupon in last weeks paper.

The Compressor Knowing that I will be doing most of my painting in the basement (with water based paint) I wanted a compressor that was quiet or at least more quiet than most. So, I'm going with the Paasche 3000 and a Paasche regulator. Again, both are from Dixie art and I'll be able to take advantage of the free shipping.

The next step will be to build a a small, cardboard paint booth. I have a small area in the corner of the basement that I can use and will vent the exhaust out the nearby basement window. Anybody have any ideas on fan units?

Great start in your equipment choices. Did you get the set that includes the #5 sized spray nozzle? I use that one a lot to do overall coverage of relatively large areas like rocket bodies.

As to fan choices, I would be careful here. If you're going to be spraying any sort of organic solvent based media, flammability is a real concern. In those situations, you want to steer well clear of any fans with motors that have exposed brushes that can be a potential ignition source. I'd suggest looking at the airbrushing forum over on and do some searches on "booth". You should be able to learn a lot there.

If, like me, you're only going to shoot water-based media with non-flammable thinners, then your choice of fan isn't so critical.
Originally posted by limd21

If, like me, you're only going to shoot water-based media with non-flammable thinners, then your choice of fan isn't so critical.

Exactly. Water based only.
for some good info on airbrushing
Id like to recommend visiting and mabey joining the forum

their forum covers the very wide spectrum of airbrushing techniques and they also have a large section of tutorals from the basics to all the cool techniques and tricks, types of paints, masking,lettering, they also have a huge graffic and mask library
theres also tons of reviews on ,airbrushes ,compressors,paints.there are classes on flames ,ghosting effects , effects like snakeskin and working with transparents, blending colors.. it's amazing how simple some of the techniques really are..

also you can post pics of your work and allow people to give advice and suggestions on getting the results you want. there is some amazing talent on their forum. and like this forum, you will get answers to nearly any question or problem
the techniques used on 1/72 scale airplanes are great to learn but frankly they dont scale up very easily to model , midpower,and larger rockets.. unless your doing an intricate camo job on something small like a custom sam-x. thats really just scratching the surface of what you can do with the airbrush. check it out,it's a great resource.