AIAA Propulsion and Energy Conference worth it?

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Feb 3, 2010
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I am considering going to the AIAA Propulsion and Energy Conference while I am still a student, but is it worth it?
I would like to take one of their 2 day propulsion continuing ed courses and not sure how much you can get in 2 days.
I figure the networking opportunities would be great as well as I am now starting my job search for the rocketry field.

Any experiences?
I have no experience with that conference in particular, but I highly recommend attending conferences that interest you ESPecially if they have a recruiting fair. This is where you practice networking.

It was a last minute decision to attend the HENAAC conference a few years ago that got me my job/foot-in-the-door in the aero/defense world.
Recruiters tend to favor students that attend such conferences over those that wait around for on-campus recruiting fairs. It shows initiative.
I am not sure if this conference has a recruiting event specifically, but some of the companies that I want to apply to are represented by booths. It is a good point that making the effort and expense to go to the conference by itself would show some initiative.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger, just need to get my resume polished by the 8th.

Anybody in the biz going?
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I am an AIAA member but I have not attended any of the conferences (located in Australia). The are a very professional association and I am confident the conferences would be great. The networking would be worth it if you are looking for a job. It could make the difference between a foot in the door, or not.

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