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Jan 18, 2004
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I've been looking for AGM83 Bulldog drawings, but I Google the name and all I get is AGM12 Bullpup, Not what I wanted. Any body got any drwings of the Bulldog? I have the Centuri info from JimZ's site, but I want it to be SCALE. I have a 3" tube that is just waiting to fly. Any Help?

Try this for starters:

Here's another, quite similar page

This tidbit was found on a third site:

"Texas Instruments developed a version of the Bullpup-A designated the "AGM-83 Bulldog" that was fitted with a laser seeker, and had an improved 113 kilogram (250 pound) blast-fragmentation warhead. Firing tests were begun in 1971 and proved very successful. The Navy was leaning towards putting the Bulldog into production, but the Maverick ASM (more on this weapon later) was preferred, and the Bulldog was cancelled in 1972. "

Here's a pic from a fourth site that is in Russian:


Good luck! From what I can tell, your missle is a modified Bullpup AGM-12A with a different nose cone.