AGM-123 Skipper II

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Jan 18, 2004
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Adding to my collection of ideas of military missiles and rockets, I came upon an idea of a rocket propelled bomb. We've seen the CBU's from Estes, what about the MK80 series of freefall and rocket powered bombs. What I thought of was a scale AGM-123! It is basically a MK83 1,000 lb GP bomb with a AGM-45 Shrike rocket with a Paveway II guidance section. I have searched hi and lo on the internet and have found everything that has been offered. Still I don't have the dimensions of the Skipper or the MK 83. I have some buddies that are Ordies in the Navy but I don't want to get them in any trouble giving me this info. The weapon is still used and I don't know if its classified or not. Anybody have the basic #'s on the Skipper II?

Flight International's directory only gives the same dimensions but a bit more precisely (and in Imperial - to us old engineers)

L 170.5"
Span 63.0"
Dia 14.0"