Aft Mounted Camera Onboard Video from Upscale Dragonfly

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Sep 15, 2009
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We took this video today at Fillible's Folly, an OROC launch held near Perrydale, Oregon each year.

The rocket is a 5x upscale of the Binder Design Dragonfly. It was built by the Rock-It Girls, a team of five 6th/7th (now 8th/9th) grade girls. We built it over a period of seven months, starting in November of 2015 and finishing June 2016.

The flight is on an L1170 Blackjack motor (thanks, Salvage-1!) that produced a huge amount of soot. When we were building this rocket quite a few people felt that the camera being located in the aft centering ring would cause the lens to cloud over, but while it did slightly, the video is still pretty clear. This is our second onboard video and the first had no fogginess at all thanks to a clean burning propellant.

It reached ~1740' and came down on a 16' Rocketman parachute and a 55' Onebadhawk harness.