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Looks like 29/40-120, 24/60, & 18/20

All solid reloadables, price a mite high for my ( admittedly cheap ) taste.

Reloads for the biggun' are 10-15 ea. Not current on price/pop on the lowers.
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You can buy them individually much cheaper than that. That's someone trying to sell a "vintage" item and is charging accordingly. You have to jump around to a couple of vendors but you can get 'em all for a little over $100 shipped.
seems a tad over priced; MSRP for the 29/40-120 & the (looks to me to be a 24/40) is $72 (if that is a 24/60 then the price goes up $2), which would put the 18/20 at $75. granted they don't come with a custom carry case. personally I would pass on this offer. the reloads are fairly cheap for the 24mm & 29mm cases, I would imagine the 18mm reloads are too.
Like mentioned. Can grab cheaper elsewhere, and not secondhand. These may be unused but still coming secondhand. I don't think a cardboard box with cutout foam is worth the extra money. LOL. Grab you an aluminum box from Amazon and cut your own holes.

Chris' Rocket Supplies carries the hardware and reloads for each of those cases. With no sales going on, and you can get them 3 dollars cheaper. Catch em on sale and you can do even better. Wildman has the 24/60 and the 29/40-120 as well.

There are only 3 loads for the 24/60. Rumored to be more coming out.

Mikey D
It's a push I think. New retail from Aerotech:

18/20 - $34.99
24/40 - $44.99
29/40-120 - $64.99

$144.97.....,so he's tacking on $5 for "free" shipping....Aerotech typically charges $9 for shipping......You might find them a little cheaper elsewhere and buy them here and there....but when you tack on the separate shipping and possible sales I said, it's a push really.

Theres a good selection of reloads for all 3.
Somehow I had in my head it was the 24/60. The 24/40 has plenty of loads.
I'll match that if you want to support someone in the business...and I have them in stock.

What could you do for the same 3 as in OP, don't have to be in a foam filled box.
Feel free to PM me if you feel better keeping it personal.
I would probably be interested in some loads too, and a delay tool? No level one, so only what a non level 1 person could by.
My brother is here from WA state, not sure yet what he is giving me for xmas.
I'm hoping a huge lump of $$.
Are "THESE" a good deal?
Can you get reloads for the smaller 2?

John- Looks like brick and mortar prices-this is prolly NOS as I had a set like this 20 years ago. If you fly a lot of 24mm like I think you do-that's the best bang for the buck. 18mm reloads never really took off like they expected. Lose a case and you're negative investment for a small bird. Unsure what the status is for Ap 18mm single use is today-but the D-21 kicked ass and I saw some awesome shreds by those not paying attention. I have a few left and only fly them in the cheep plastic fin cans-they do get hot so be prepared for a little melting if you have the squirrely little twist lock retainers. They do the teleport really well, so be advised.
aside from losing rockets...the D10 (18mm single use) is good for those really heavy birds such as the Mars lander(which other wise probably should be flown on a C6-0), an E18-4(24mm) works well in a big daddy, super neon xl, executioner, or a mega mosquito. 29mm might be out of your current size range, however the 29/40-120 takes you up to a G76(roughly a 3 pound rocket) the F22 should nicely in the E2X Pro series(or saucers:)).HTH