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Apr 1, 2004
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I just finished this rocket, but the sheet in the kit doesn't
list any RMS motors. Help!:confused:
Originally posted by stevecarr
Ps. nor does the web site.

It's not easy to find. The Motor Matrix is found from the main page by going to "Resources", then to "Catalogs, Flyers and Data Sheets". The Tomahawk RMS listing is on the top left of the second page, and the single-use listing is at the bottom of the same column. The quick answer is: looks like just about any AT motor, although if you use a D you'll want to stick with a short delay.
I'm using a F50-9 in mine tomorrow. I'll likely keep to the long delay on Blue Thunders, 7-ish on WL, and 5 or 6 on BlackJacks.

Found it .
Took a little while to find without useing your link, but I have it in print now.
Thanks Guys