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Aerotech Strong Arm, Wart Hog

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Mr G

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Feb 10, 2013
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New in box, Aerotech Strong Arm and Wart Hog.

Early Spring cleaning - these have been in the build pile for a long time and need someone to build them. Classic Aerotech 2.6" cardboard kits with tough plastic fins.

$45 each or both for $80 plus shipping via PayPal.
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Damn, I wish I had been faster respond!
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rms, you are second in line. I'll let you know if anything remains available.
All quite from Lowpuller so far. If anyone else is interested, other than rms, send me a PM to get in line. Shipping USPS Ground Left to Right Coast is $15 for one, $20.86 for both. It may be cheaper depending on where you are.

I'll give it a couple more days, then I'll open it up to all based on time of response.
BTW - With a nice shiny box cover (but the same innards), a new Stong-Arm or Wart-Hog retails for $99.99.

The best you are likely to do is $120 for both if you are a Wildman club member (for which I subscribe!).

Another $40 off that for both may be attractive to some...

P.S. - The extra body tube rings laying on the nosecone are for the Wart-Hog.