Aerotech reloads certified for CTI hardware?

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Sep 14, 2014
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Is there a list showing what Aerotech reloads can be used in CTI motor cases, if any? In some of my CTI (75 & 98mm) reloads they include AT O-rings...

I searched for it but got so many hits I could not find that info.

Thank you!
Only the AT 75mm loads have been certified in CTI hardware. Here's the actual certification announcement:
RMS/CTI Case Cross Certification

Finally, most all Aerotech 75 MM 2, 3 and 4 grain motors have been certified for use in the equivalent CTI 75-2g, 3g and 4g cases, WITH the following restrictions. The supplemental instructions are required to be followed to the letter in regards to both seal placement and positioning of the nozzle bushing. Also, as any Medusa nozzle reload will be recessed in said bushing, certain Medusa motors will not be compatible due to expansion restrictions. All Single Throat motors (including single throat Medusa) should be good to go in that regards. Contact Aerotech for specific details on both the instructions and specific motors not applicable to this certification (especially older, legacy reloads!).

Also, see the video here:
And read the comments

Steve Shannon
Thank You!

Is there any particular contact at AT I should try?

Good to know most 3&4 grain reloads (75mm) are applicable.
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Flew my second AT motor at GHS. (The first was a G75-7 DM earlier this year).
The Blue Moon with an AT M1850 in a 6G 75mm CTI case went to 8700' at GHS on 11/05/17.

This was my 7th 75mm motor - 6 CTI and 1 AT and I wanted to point out some differences:

1. I had to peel some of the paper off the grains to fit them in the liner that came with the reload. (I read about that trick on another TRF post.)

2. You have to supply the igniter and its support tube, something that comes standard with CTI motors. 75mm motors cost about the same from both manufacturers so I'm not sure why AT doesn't provide them.

3. With the exception of a youtube video that AT posted about building the crossloads I couldn't find any documentation. CTI motors come with instructions on building their 75mm motors in both CTI and RMS hardware.

Having done it once there is no reason I wouldn't fly AT crossloads again in CTI hardware.
Thanks for the info. I have two 75mm AT loads that I plan to fly in CTI hardware, K1000T and L1150R. And as you said, AT provides no instructions for using their loads with CTI hardware.
I had the same issue with my M1850 last year, I didn't peel any paper and it almost didn't go together but it worked great. I actually flew it in a Loki 75-8000 case with hubcap and custom -cut CTI 75mm spacer.
A lot of Level 3 guys like using their own or home made ignitors and dowels. I use a Quikburst 1/4" diameter "twiggy" inside a 50-50 pellet, those work every time. I use the same igniter for 54 and 75 reloads, of course pellet not needed in the 54s.

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