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Aerotech RDK Delay Kits - Assorted

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Jun 25, 2012
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For Sale: Assortment of Aerotech Delay Kits (RDK's) as detailed below.

All for $25.00.

Pickup only at NSL 2017 in Alamogordo, NM on Sat. or Sun. (5/27th and 28th)

Qty = 2; RDK-06Plus 3-Pack (total of 6 delays)

Qty = 1; RDK-7 single delay

Qty = 1; RDK-12Plus 3-Pack (total of 3 delays)

Qty = 1; RDK-13Plus 3-Pack (total of 3 delays)

Qty = 1; RDK-14Plus two delays

Qty = 1; RDK-15Plus 3-Pack (total of 3 delays)

Qty = 1; RDK-17 single delay

PayPal F&F preferred.