Aerotech, please bring back Blackjack motors

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I just would like to note that I'd like to see some F22J's and G33J's produced. Do you think you will ever produce them again.

The F22J was one of my favorite 29/40-120 reloads and I don't see too many of them anymore.
You will be pleased to know that we have begun producing these reloads again.

We have shipped approximately 150 of the F22's and 225 of the G33's in the past 2 weeks to our major distributors. They should be appearing on hobby stores shelves anytime now. We do have more on the near horizon as well.

Happy Flying!
Im must say, out of all the propellants (excluding sparky, skidmard, firestarter, etc.) BlackJack is my favorite. Low thrust, high burn time, dark black smoke......all add up to a great motor, regaurdless of total impulse. Hmmmm.....I have a f22 sitting in my ammo box right now....
I used to like the old AT F16 blackjack SU. It was nice in something like a LOC Onyx.
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets
Sweet!!! Now I'm just wondering if I can buy G33J's without a LEUP:confused:
I would say that right now, you wouldn't need a LEUP. At least, not until NRPM becomes sorted/finalized. I've picked up G33's at a local hobby shop w/o any problem.