Aerotech Phoenix R/C R/G being discontinued by SkyKing

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I managed to grab one when they first were rereleased. Looks as if I'm going to have to make patterns of everything I got then.

Good catch Will.
"It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

--Ferris Bueller.

I have one of the original Aerotech Phoenix's, more as a collectible than something I'd build, as I am not skilled enough to handle one. With that clearance deal, though, I had to grab one of the Sky King reproductions. That way, at least I stand a chance of eventually building one. It took multiple Sweet Vee's before I decided to get off my fanny and build/fly one...
I managed to snag one of the original kits off EBAY for a song and in only a week it's well more than half built. (I can't wait to get it airborn.) If all the required info to recreate parts weren't already on the plans I'd seriously consider grabbing one of the SkyKing kits as a back-up.

As "Ferris" says, "I highly reccomend it".

These are excellent flyers. Just remember to build it to fly not to crash. The lighter the better.

I built mine with the furnished wood and plywood reinforcement. After flying through the fog, or rather into the fog one day I had to replace the entire nose/radio section. I chose light wood and left out the plywood. While i only saved a couple of ounces in weight I probably gained another couple hundred feet of altitude on the G12. Weight matters. Leave the epoxy in the bottle and use the CA.

Folks --- If anyone is interested, I have an original AeroTech Phoenix Boost Glider kit, new, in the box, that I've had for over 9 years. It's going up for sale on ebay later today (11/1/09).

Never wanted to part with this, but I don't see where I'm going to get the time (or space) to build and fly it. So rather than let it lanquish on a shelf in my workshop, I thought it would be better to sell it to someone who will do right by it -- i.e. build it and FLY it and enjoy it!

The kit is new, but I did open it in order to verify that all contents were present and in good condition. (They are.)

Of special note is that this kit includes the AeroTech RMS-RC reloadable rocket motor assembly.

I'm sure someone will snatch this this up quickly. Check it out.