Aerotech on Dr. Zooch kits

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Jan 22, 2009
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Folks- I had some people asking about this at NARAM... what are your results of Dr. Zooch Rockets flying on Aerotech engines? Frankly- I've not done any real testing other than a few flights on their single use 18mm D 21 engines- but had real good luck and good flights with them. So- can any of you out there who have flown Dr. Zooch kits on Aerotech chime in here and give us some flight data? Or can you just go out and buy some of the Aerotech motors and fly them and let me know what the results are by posting it here?
I understand the the interest and reasoning behind your query, but I just can't imagine a single rocket in your current lineup that would benefit from an Aerotech motor. Someone trying to achieve real earth orbit perhaps?:D
There's their two D engines- D21 and D10... if someone uses one of those and actually goes into orbit... I'll be happy to sell them a replacement kit ;)