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Jan 18, 2009
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Many people may think that the Initiaitor was the first AeroTech kit.

That's not true. The Initiator was originally designed while I was at Enertek and later adopted by AeroTech.

The 'first' AeroTech kit was the Mustang. It was designed by Scott Pearce.

Ever wonder how AeroTech came up with the 1.9" (1.87", actually) diameter body tube? Easy. Aerotech already had the tubes in stock. They were/are used for casting 54mm propellant.

Scott used to own a 1960s Ford Mustang. He also liked the P-51 Mustang airplane. The name was a natural.

Scott built and painted a prototype of what he thought the rocket should look like. While the design was accepted, the paint scheme was changed.

So, here, for the first time, is a picture of the original, Scott Pearce, Mustang.
Here's another picture of Scott's prototype Mustang.

This time, it's displayed on a Mantis launch pad.

Scott built many different Mustangs. He built a stock looking model which really held a 38mm motor mount. He called it the Mustang GT.

He also built a 2.6" diameter upscale. It had a fiberglass body tube and fins. A 38mm motor mount. Hand made decals.

Hmm, I may just have to scan those photos... :)
very cool, I love the Mustang GT idea....that is awesome. Make it minimum diameter and call it the GT500 ;) ;)
Paint scheme is nice. I don't think the adopted scheme is much better, imho.
Originally posted by Ryan S.
very cool, I love the Mustang GT idea....

Here's a picture of Scott Pearce's custom Mustang GT rocket.

Stock kit parts except for modifications to hold a 38mm motor mount. Paint scheme is pretty nice.

Scott few this rocket several times on AeroTech 38mm G345 motors. Full-impulse! Blink and it was gone! :D
Another of the Scott Pearce Mustang fleet was his Maxi-Mustang.

It was a 2.6" diameter scale-up.

He used an AeroTech 2.6" nose cone, 2.6" diameter fiberglass body tube with fiberglass fins.

I believe it had a 38mm motor mount (but it might have been 54mm).

Custom, hand made decals.

A great flying rocket.