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Jan 18, 2009
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AeroTech Information Release


New 2009-2010 AeroTech Catalog To Be Released at TARC Finals

The new AeroTech Consumer Aerospace 2009-2010 product catalog is planned for release during the Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC) finals in The Plains, VA on May 15-16.


The 20-page catalog includes new rocket action photos taken by contributors Mark Canepa, Steve Jurvetson and Nancy Snyder. MDRA member Dan Michael's 3/4 scale Patriot is featured on the cover and elsewhere. The catalog includes all recently introduced Mojave Green™, Black Max™ and Warp-9™ motors and RMS™ reload kits, the 98/15360 N1000W long burn motor and a number of other new products that will be released prior to LDRS-28. In addition, motor technical data, thrust curves and AeroTech kit projected altitudes have been updated to include the latest model rocket RMS and standard hobby line single-use & LMS™ model rocket motors.

On May 15, the new AeroTech catalog will be made available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT.

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