AeroTech Information Release 4/1/09- New Mojave Green Reloads

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Jan 18, 2009
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AeroTech Information Release


AeroTech Releases Scented Mojave Green Reloads

AeroTech is announcing the immediate availability of its Mojave Green™ rocket motor reload kits in a number of delightful exhaust scents that are sure to be a "hit" with consumers.

"We thought, wow, Mojave Green is such a popular propellant with its beautiful exhaust plume, our customers might like to engage their other senses in enjoying it" stated AeroTech/RCS president Gary Rosenfield.


Each Mojave Green reload will now be available in four delightful scents: DragonAire™, LimeAweigh™, GassGangreene™ and AeroTech Customer Service Manager Diane Carlson's favorite, AvoCato™. "I've always liked guacamole" she said.

An addition, AeroTech has determined that the scented Mojave Green motors would be perfect for its younger customers. Director of Operations Karl Baumann added "We see no reason to exclude the younger set from the fun. That's why we are planning to begin manufacturing scented Mojave Green motors as small as 1/2A size."

Unfortunately, AeroTech has discovered that none of its dealers are interested in carrying the scented Mojave Green reloads, so they will only be made available on the webstore.

In related news, AeroTech has commissioned an artist to design a "Got Barium?" T-shirt using a new Mojave Green logo.

Motor instructions, MSDS sheets and HAZMAT emergency response information will soon be available for download in PDF format from the Resource Library on the AeroTech website at

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT.
But, but...I was ready to order my "Got Barium?" T-shirt. I really want one.

I just noticed the winking eye on the Mojave Green (after it was pointed out to me)--Now I really want it. Put me down for four of them in 2XX.
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If it's good enough for Diane, it's good enough for me. Avocato please!!!


Nevermind. ;)

Now bop over to Propulsion and answer my *real* G76 Hazmat question please. :D
Are you going to do the "Redline" in

Wild Cherry
And Flaming Hot sauce?

And for the green you forgot Soylent Green

I prefer the wholesome smell of APCP. Please continue to offer all of your reloads in their natural scents.

Though, it would be nice if you could color the residue left over in the motor tubes. It takes me about three days to remove all the grime out from under my fingernails after cleaning a few motors. If the residue was, say, a nice shade of pink, it would give my fingers a healthy glow and I wouldn't have to work as hard to clean them.

-- Roger
Aww man. When I saw the thread title, I got all excited. Was hoping for some more midpower green loads. At least my launches can smell good.