AeroTech Information Release 2/26/09

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Jan 18, 2009
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AeroTech Information Release


AeroTech Spring '09 "Level 1-2-3" Certification Promotion

AeroTech is once again offering a special promotion to its NAR and Tripoli Level 1, 2 & 3 certification customers, available only through participating high-power RMS™ dealers.


The Level 1-2-3 promotion begins March 1, 2009 and includes the H123W-M reload kit for $12.50 (50% off MSRP), the J350W-M reload kit for $27.50 (50% off MSRP) and the M1297W-P reload for $210.00 (25% off MSRP). This offer is exclusively for individuals seeking Level 1, 2 or 3 certification, and customers must present their NAR or Tripoli certification paperwork to the participating dealer prior to purchase. The Level 1-2-3 promotion reload kits will be clearly marked "for certification flights only".

The promotion ends on April 1, 2009. After that date, dealers who have any remaining inventory of Level 1-2-3 reloads may continue to sell them until their stock runs out. However, depending on the success of the program, AeroTech may choose to extend the length of the offer.

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT.