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Jan 18, 2009
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AeroTech Information Release

2/16/09 e-Commerce Site Now Online

AeroTech's™ full-featured webstore is now complete and open for business at

Featuring an easy-to-navigate design, the store is divided into six major product categories: Single-use model rocket motors, reloadable model rocket hardware, model rocket motor reload kits, ready-to-fly model rockets, model rocket starter sets, and igniters & accessories.


While the main focus of the webstore is on entry-level composite propulsion and related items at costs competitive with black powder motors, a number of other products are included on the site at AeroTech's suggested retail prices. was created with the newcomer to composite propellant model rocketry in mind. It includes "Rocketry 101" and "FAQ" pages to educate consumers about the various aspects of hobby rocketry as well as answer frequently asked questions concerning the nature of composite propellant rocket motors and their differences from black powder motors.

Motors and reload kits sold on the site will be shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post™. There is no minimum order but an $8.00 shipping and handling charge will apply to orders totaling under $100 net, with free shipping for orders exceeding $100. Payment can be made through the customer's PayPal account, and the site also handles major credit cards.

AeroTech believes that exposing more entry-level rocket customers to the benefits and high performance of composite propellant rocketry at dramatically lower cost and with easier availability, will result in increased sales by dealers and distributors of the larger AeroTech products, including high-power rocket motors, and will expand participation in hobby rocketry as a whole. To that end, the "Resources" page includes a link to a list of hobby stores, onsite dealers and e-Commerce sites where the customer may shop for AeroTech's full model rocket kit and model and high-power rocket motor lines.

The "Resources" page also contains links to frequently requested documents on the AeroTech site such as instructions and RMS motor assembly drawings.

A full-page advertisement for is scheduled to appear in upcoming issues of Sport Rocketry and Extreme Rocketry magazines.

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc., Cedar City, UT. is a trademark of RCS.
OMG, the site is great.

And there are RMS-24/60 casings and the F35 twin pack reloads.

Time to think about another order. The shipping on the first order was insanely fast.

I scanned the FAQ and it looks superior.

Great job.
I have to give two thumbs up for service. I ordered stuff from RCS on a Friday and it was sitting on my door step weds. Great service Gary.
web site is great, our order arrived fast, the products are excellent, and the prices beat all! best wishes for big success.