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Oct 27, 2014
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Hi all - a message for Joe Burger really

Now thatyou have ownership, bankruptcy and eevrything resolved and you are beginning to step up production could you comment on the future for aerotech in the UK?

As I understand it (and I may be wrong) aerotech motors are not CE marked (an expensive process I believe) and consquently there are issues with getting them sold in the UK, despite a large demand for them. Are Aerotech going to be pursuing CE marking in the near future and if so when can we expect supplies to hit our shores??
From what I understand, the ball is in your government's court. This basically means that we are awaiting on the details and what the actual requirements are in order for us to put this marking on the products. We are unclear if testing will be required.

Until we actually know what these requirements are, it is impossible for me to guess on when we would be able to ship there again.

We do plan on cooperating with the officials in the UK to properly mark the products and as you mentioned, we are understandbly curious what the financial impact will be.

I wish I had better information at this time. :(