Aerotech HP reload price reduction! Huh?

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Jan 26, 2009
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Little Elm, TX AT increased prices back in the beginning of July up 10 points across the board due to issues with sourcing AP at the right quality and price point..

I procrastinated changing them up until yesterday, when I made the annoucement that they would go in effect 10/1 and I'd honor the "old" price, anyway, even if I had to get it at the "new higher price", right?

So, I get all the web content changed, then I get an e-mail from AT with some pretty great news. They slash prices across the board on the HP line of motors due to the AP sourcing issue being solved.

That being said, I had to re-do everything all over again because some of these prices are lower than they were 6 YEARS AGO!! Yep! No joke.

So, to make a short story long, everything I said yesterday in regards to AT is null and void, and I have IMMEDIATELY posted the new lower prices.


So, someone buy something so I can tell my wife my efforts were not in vain? LOL


AMW reloads and Performance Rocketry kits that are on the shelf, 10% cash back in the box, effective immediately through October 31!

Mention "October Sky" in your Paypal order for the rebate.



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Heh - I noticed that this morning on another vendor's site. Good news for sure!
Well Gary was promising some good news this week. I'd say this qualifies.

Looks like I can use the 54/426 motor casing again.:)

So Jon, what vendor?
Looks like Al's, Giant Leap, Performance Hobbies, Wildman all have the old prices.
Larry Lobdell Jr.
You may want to check with Steve @ commonwealth displays.

I just know I'm gonna end up sleeping in the garage. You guys have got to quit lowering prices and having sales.

I rented out the garage
to cover my motor budget....

We are placing a order to Aerotech MONDAY!
If any one requires anything place your orders tonight!
We will be placing our order about 5pm Monday (eastern time)