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Sold Aerotech Hardware and Parachutes

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Apr 6, 2012
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For sale I have some items that I do not need or ever intend to use. They are all listed at less than half retail price. All motor hardware is new except for the 29/40-120 it's been used about 4 times and cleaned thoroughly after each use. The parachutes came from LOC kits and are duplicates of sizes I already have. Buyer pays shipping, PayPal only. Can also pick up locally or meet at LDRS.

Aerotech Hardware:

24/40 hardware set $30
29/40-120 hardware set $40
38mm AC2 aft closure $15
38mm Fwd closure Plugged $15
54mm fwd retaining ring $10
54mm Floating FWD Closure plugged/threaded $30
54mm Floating Extended FWD Closure plugged/threaded $35

LOC Parachutes:

18" Nylon Chute $5
28" Nylon Chute $8
58" Nylon Chute $25


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