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Feb 22, 2003
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I've been reading the Essence review on the Shuttle w/ Stacks #1284 and two people have mentioned using the Aerotech D13-4 as the preffered motor of choice. I've used the C6-3 instead of the C5-3 for the Shuttle with bad results, but am seriously considering alternatives for the maiden voyage of the new kit.

Heck, even if she never flies, the idea of a more powerful D in a C motor casing has me looking starry eyed. lol

I'm wondering if someone can tell me your thoughts on its performance. I'm also not finding any dealers whom stock this kit, so is it still a product that is available ? I do know I need to buy the casing and then buy the reload kits, but beyond that I've no clue.

Many thanks,
The D13-4W is an awesome motor... but if you plan to use it... make sure your shuttle is built strong. I shreded a few rockets with it. Go ahead and buy the casing.... Aerotech does have the D13 and D24 reloads in the queue :).
Any heavy 18mm powered rocket will really come alive with the D13/24's. Shuttle, astrocam, venus those little reloads!!