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Initiator Starter Package. Comes with an Initiator, Mantis launch Pad and Interlock Controller. The SU Stood for Single Use variety when they came with motors. They do NOT come with motors anymore. It became a distributor nightmare since they were not forwarding the motors with the kits.

The ISP/RMS version does come with a set of 29/40-120 hardware but does not come with reloads. We used to supply an E16 and F40 with those but we ran into the same scenario as the SU variety. Reloads were not getting forwarded.

Because of the industrial division of Industrial Solid Propulsion, the ISP thing can be confusing if your are not aware of the differences.

We hope you all have a wonderful time at Val Cartier.
Well, I got confirmation first AP motors are on they're way. The only problem is.....I jumped the gun a little. I don't have a 29mm rocket. I'm thinking about an Aerotech Cheetah. Any thought/recommendations?


Any of teh Aerotech line will be a good first step.
The Arreaux got some good mentions a short while back..

LOC have a few as well, and I cannot say a bad thing about Binder Design rockets.

I have their Excel Jr. and the Stealth Jr. Both impressive, and very well packaged. Definitely worth a stop & look-see!