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Jan 20, 2004
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Hello all,

Like many of you, I'm a BAR. When I was a kid, I flew all kinds of Estes kits. Anyway, I'm trying to get into mid power, but I have a problem. In my area (Edmonton) I can't seem to find any Aerotech motors. I know of the fire that Aerotech had and that only recently have they started to get back on their feet. My question is for fellow Canadians...where/how can I go about getting Aerotech motors?? I've had to resort to building my first cluster rocket using Estes D's in order to step into mid power, but I can only shove so many motors in there before I hit a limit ;) Not to mention the cost of all those BP motors....ouch!!

Thanks in advance,

Thanks Elapid,

I've looked into Udisco in the past. They don't seem to have stock yet, but I'll keep checking. I've heard that Estes Es aren't legal anymore in Canada because of the amount of black powder they contain. I haven't checked into this one, so it could be wrong. Anyway, if I can find a supplier of composite motors, I'll be set.


that AT motors and RMS supplies are steadily increasing...
i'm sure it will take a little longer in canada to get back up to speed.

maybe some of the distributors in the states that have stock will ship to Canada...

you GOTTA get some of these things...
compared to BP motors, APCP just ROCKS!

get a copy of Control of Model Rocketry in Canada through these folks

and here's a link to the CAR
pics in the most recent newsletter they have on the site...CATO with a staged D-powered model...
Thanks for the links

I'm really looking forward to trying out some Fs and Gs. The numbers look a lot more exciting than BP motors.

Hey Zonker! You are in a great area for rocketry. There are a lot of good people in Edmonton involved in low to high power rocketry. I've met several of them at launches in Southern Alberta. I hear you about the lack of Aerotech motors. Joe Burger of Aerotech has assured me (and others) that they are actively pursuing re-certification by the explosives research division of Natural Resources Canada. (ERD) This is already in the works and there are already orders in the system from Canadian dealers of Aerotech motors. The best thing you can do is contact someone local to get an idea where to look for the motors when they do start to trickle in. There seems to be a meeting coming up on June 5th of the Edmonton Rocketry Club. See for information.

Weclome back to rocketry and welcome to The Rocketry Forum!

Len Bryan
That's good news! I feel like and idiot....I didn't even know there was an Edmonton rocketry club :D I'd like to check out some mid and high power rockets to see the construction techniques. When I was a kid, I liked launching rockets, but now it seems that I like the design/construction phase just as much. I found out about the Roc Lake event a little while back...I'm thinking of checking it out.


Re: Roc Lake

If you can do it, go there! I've been to that site twice now and I love it. They had a fall launch (Sullivan Lake XI) there on the Roc Lake site last year and it was great fun. I'll miss Roc Lake this year but may make it to a fall launch. For sure I want to go to the Roc Lake site for LDRS 24.

Have fun!

Len Bryan
Looks like Aerotech are starting to supply us Canadians!!

Shipments shoudl start to show up at the stores / dealers for about the first two weeks in August..
Dr Wogz,

Are there any Canadian suppliers in particular that you would recommend / have used?


Well, I'm on the other side of that great expance known as 'Saskatchewan / Manitoba'.. I'm in Quebec...

I have a local supplier who is generally good to me. But I doubt I'll see him carry Aerotech engines any time soon.

I have been speaking to Taras from ARG in Mississsauga (Toronto), and I have an order pending with him (he was the first to come back to me with prices, delivery, etc..)

[email protected] and send him an e-mail

And Gary from 'Great Northern Rocketry' in Ottawa. His number is in the 'sticky' 'dealers list' in the 'propulsion' forum.

Both seem to be great people, and more than willing to help!

Apparently Aerotech are filling orders for 4 Canadian suppliers. ARG is one, and I'm sure there is at least one on 'that' side of the 'great prairie sea'

I am sure, that the are some 'local' suppleirs to you, even if it a drive down to Calgary! Shipping these things from Toronto or Ottawa might be 'cost prohibitive'. Check with the local clubs, and with Great Hobbies in Edmonton. They are supposed to carry 'Aerotech' but might just be their rockets..
Well, I called Aerotech and they confirmed that they are planning to start shipping to Canada about a week from now. Looks like resellers should receive shipments in early August.

Looks like I might finally get to try out something other than BP
I'm a fellow Canadian in Ottawa. We got ours at LDRS and carried some across the border. We were told our limit was 6 motors per person of a G or under. We carried all we legally could. I heard something about Aerotech starting to ship to Canada. Any idea when? I haven't launched anything Aerotech since the fire. Need to put up my mid-size rockets. Esp. an Aura on a G. :D !!!
Gary from 'Great Norther Rocketry' (Great Norther Rocketry Supply ... something like that) gave me a delivery date of Aug 12th.

Taras from ARG gave me Aug 7th.

So, expect the first two weeks of Aug to recieve and stock them...

GL-P: are you comming up to Val Cartier? The launch there? Taras said he wouldbe on hand, and sell his wares. Ditto with Gary...
For sure! ORG lost our HPR field for the year and nothing is going to stop me from flying HPR at Val Cartier. I got a minimum diameter rocket I want to fly. Full of electronics. I might also do my Junior Level 3. :eek:

I'll keep Taras in mind. I have about 5 or so F21-4W on hand that I wouldn't mind trading around for some longer delays. Can't wait!:D

Bill W. had Aerotech but he's hoarding it!:D Maybe now he can filll some orders and have Aerotech at our local launches.
Yeah, of course it's not our field. I think we were beat out to reservations by another club at our HPR field

We actually fly HPR at picton airfield. It's an old military airfield. Don't think the military uses it too often.

Our old field, mountain view airfield is still under a bit of military operation.

Our model and mid power field is a military grenade range. That's the one you were probably thinking of.
Haha, yeah, that's the one I was thinking of, the one mentioned on the ORG website..

Ottawa is just close enough to pop into, but Picton is a little far to go to, unless there is a stop over at "Sand Banks"!!!
Yeah, there are some nice motels in the area. We usually take a one day tour of the island after the launch days.
We are in fact DONE with Canadian production and this week we are working with the dealers that have orders in house and we are sorting out the shipping details. The following dealers will have motors ON THE WAY! We anticipate all of the shipments out by this Friday (8-6) at the latest.

Great Northern Rocket Works
Advanced Rocketry Group
Garth Illerbrun

We once again thank the Canadiens for their patience.
Thanks for the list. Been a long time getting Aerotech up here again.
Shipping Update:

Advanced Rocketry Group left on Wednesday.

Udisco and Great Northern Rocket Works are leaving today (8-6).

SJU and Garth Illerbrun are working out their permit requirements and the motors are sitting here waiting.

BTW: The Canadian authorities have now added our RDK's to the approval list so future orders may contain those.

Okay, now everybody across the great white north, start pounding these guys with a flood of inquiry emails, "didja get 'em? huh? huh? whatcha got?" :D

and in time for Valcartier!!!

I hope Mark / Lion at UDISCO will soon replenish their model rocket selection!

Joe, you might want to push him to get a better variety of Aerotech rocket kits. I think he has the Mustang, teh Initiator, teh Arreaux and teh Mirage kits only....
Udisco had quite the order that went out. They got mega motors! They also ordered kits:

Strong Arm
Wart Hog

The Canada paperwork was quite tedious. The fact that they want the motors relabeled at the border to 1.3C was the real kicker. :confused:
That's great news. I have (hopefully) some F20s coming my way. Since I've never used anything but BP motors, I'm excited to light 'em off.

Joe, what's "C1.3"

is that metric for G80-4? :D :eek:

Super cool, kits too!! and the ones i wanted..
Oooh. my hunny is gonna be nmad at me!
Yes! F20's are on the way!

1.3C is a classification used by the DOT. It basically rates an explosive by it's configuration, propellant weights etc. The products we are allowed to ship to Canada are classified as a 1.4C in the US which is a lower designation than 1.3C.

We have to hire special trucking companies to haul anything labeled as 1.3C here in the US. I have no explanation as to why the Canadian authorities have used 1.3C.