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Took a look/see at the tutorial and it really does seem like an efficient way of doing high strength tubes. Is it time for a big project Kerm? ;)
I'm thinking about this, too. The Stealth & Thor are on the "short list" for my L2 project and I'd like to strengthen them for the eventual K motor. This looks a lot easier than laying up fiberglass sheets.

As a self proclaimed newbie when it comes to MPR as well as HPR...

This sounds like a great situation... I bookmarked it .... I'll spend sometime later tonight researching it...

Does sound promising...

Originally posted by KermieD
These look cool. If anyone's used them before, please post your results!


I've used Aerosleeves a bunch. ;-)

If you have any questions what so ever I'd be glad to answer them.

We also just laminated a 6" sono-tube with some 6" carbon sleeving not listed on the website. Be glad to post some pictures of the finished tube if desired.

Oh and we recently lowered the price on 4" fiberglass sleeving, and did some more testing and discovered the 4" sleeving will fit from 2" diameter tubing all the way up to 5". Great stuff for most any medium sized rocket.


Nick Anderson

Edit: added new info about 4" sleeving
Hehehe. Go figure the owner's actually a Forum member.

Stones: Not time for a big'un just yet. I'm in the market for a house and all purchasing is on hold for the moment.
Originally posted by KermieD
I'm in the market for a house and all purchasing is on hold for the moment.
How big is the ...(cough)... flying field with this property? ;)
600 acres and a waiver is a minimum, keep that in mind while house shopping!
Well, with those requirements, I'll be happy to take donations towards the down payment. :D
I would if I could, but I think with this last renewal on the ATF permit I have had for six years, they send me a letter telling me that it may take a little while longer and "here is a letter saying business as usual" for a while. Anyone else going through the renewal blues?