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May 27, 2010
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Aerosleeves has lowered its prices on fiberglass and carbon fiber composite sleevings.

2" Fiberglass - $8.99 per yard
4" Fiberglass - $11.99 per yard
2.5" Carbon Fiber - $15.49 per yard

All items listed above are in stock at
and usually ship same day.

Aerosleeves are pefect for both model and high power rocketry. Create your own Carbon Fiber tubing that is as light, or lighter than standard Estes tubing but tens of times stronger, perfect for competition or TARC entires where weight is key.
Strengthen up currently available high power rocketry tubing with a single layer of carbon or fiberglass, or create your own full composite tubing at a fraction the price of other fiberglass tubing.

Volume discounts are listed on the website. Contact us for team/projects, or educational sponorships.

Nick Anderson