Aeropack Tailcone???

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Oct 19, 2009
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Does anyone have a URL for a cross section drawing of one of these guys? I am starting to wrap up the design on my first scratch built rocket and am thinking of using one on it.

I've had no luck so far finding a drawing that shows the details of construction and attachment.

Thanks all,

If you are going to use a tailcone have it in hand before assembling your MMT into position. My 4in. to 54mm. tailcone has a 1/16 in. lip on the fore end that fits into the aft end of the body tube. You have to have your MMT positioned perfectly using the tailcone as the guide.

The size of the lip does not really matter, what you want is when your retainer is tightend to retain the motor, it also has to be in the correct position against the aft end of the body tube.

In other words you have zip, zero, nothing to play with, you have to be spot on with your MMT assembly. The only way to do that is using the tailcone while assembling your MMT. That is probably why you did not find any instructions.

Thanks so much for your reply. It was very helpful.

The interplay between the motor mount function and the body tube interface on the cone is exactly what I was wondering about.