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Feb 22, 2003
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Today was the maiden voyage of the Aeronautica Argentina : Orion 2. I had finished up the paint job, and before I commisioned someone to create the decals, I thought it was the right time to let her fly.

Wind from the South at 4 MPH, angled into the wind 3 degrees. C6-3 was the motor of choice, given the large 31 inch rocket and oversized fins. According to Rocksim V5, she should fly to 350 feet.

As I was setting the pad up, I looked over, and we had a Painted Turtle about 15 feet from the launch area. Beautiful red and black markings on him, so I moved him under our 200 ft pine tree, and took that as a good omen.

At launch, she instantly caught the proper line, and went straight up, with nary a flutter, or even hesitation. Just as she arced over, the charge blew, popping her extended nosecone and the orange/white chute unfurled perfectly.

Coasted for about 200 feet when the wind changed, and curled right back around towards the launch pad. She came to a gentle rest on the grass about 100 feet from the pad.

Post-flight analysis:

The Orion 2 was built without a engine retainer, and the casing was indeed gone. Will have to add another stripe of tape on next launch.

Small dent in the side of the nosecone, but otherwise, immaculate condition.

Overall, this is a strong, stable flying rocket, and even though shes low-powered, she does have show-stopper capability - especially with the bright red paint job. I'd recommend anyone interested in a scratchbuilt rocket to take this project into consideration for your next build.

Given that this is my first scratchbuilt in nearly 30 years, I'm extremely satisfied with the results. Sorry. but no images to post since my digital camera sucks, but for anyone following the TRFProject 001 - you can find details of the project at:

Congrats on your first scratchbuild in a long time.

Glad I could be a part of it.


Thanks !

Your nosecone really made this rocket, and boy, when I hit the button, she really went.

I'm searching right now for a detailed scale drawing of the Little Joe 2 launch pad - for display purposes, but I've a 1/77th scale Guillows Balsa Shuttle, so I'll need to scatchbuild an ET and SRB's. Naturally, a ET cone and 2 SRB cones will need to be fabricated.

Your work is fabulous, and extremely well priced. 8)

Cheers my friend,
Howdy Mr. Alway,

I had a blast scratchbuilding this rocket, and using your reference work made it so easy. I'm especially inpressed with the details you included - in the case of the Orion 2, the silver tip and the rivets really help to make this project stand out.

Oh, one question for you concerning the Aeronautica Argentina lettering. When this project was first started, a few people, including myself were trying to figure out what font was used so we could make a clear original to use for decals. Adobe Illustrator seemed to be the best choice, and the best answer was a possible variant of Helevtica.

I'm guessing Helevetica 53 Extended, but none of us have that font. Do you remember which font you used to create the letters ?

In closing, thanks for all of your great work in producing these books on our favorite subject, and if no one else has said so, welcome to the Forum!

Thanks Peter, your an inspiration.