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Apr 29, 2003
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I tried the Aeromax 2000 chute with the attached toy man out of my Super Big Bertha. I was pleased. It makes a good payload demo for the kids. It is a good quality ripstop chute and yes no tangles because has a neting instead of strings. I am going to try it out as a general use chute for my rockets without the man at the next launch.

I got mine on ebay. Anybody else using these?


Never used one but the tangle free netting is interesting.
I won an Aeromax a few week ago on eBay as well - haven't used it yet. Thought I would put it in my Der V3... Glad to hear it worked well.

Wife just fixed her mom's ancient Singer sewing machine - may play around with making one of those thin ripstop hemispherical chutes with that netting instead of shroud lines.

Mesh netting is a nice thing for parachutes. Makes a nice tangle free descent. The only drawbacks are weight and volume. I have found some really nice fabric on the 1/2 off table that works great. It weighs about .5oz/yd^2 and is pretty robust strength wise. I still am working out a good way to attach a shroud line.

I have found for smaller parachutes it works best - you don't have nearly the amount of netting to sew.