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In a recent visit to my local Rose Craft store I noticed that a small Hobby Outlet store section was moving in. I then noticed two large bins of Aero Gloss Paints on discount. I was in need of Aero Gloss sanding sealer so I searched the bins and found five 3.5 ounce jars for 1$ each. Wow, what a deal at 75% off normal price, and this sealer works great on balsa and BT spirals. I was tempted to buy some of the Aero Gloss Paint but did not as I have always use Krylon spray paint on my rockets. The paints were priced at 1$ a jar also, normally priced 4$-6$ for the 3.5 ounce jar. The only drawback I can see is the brush application.

Who has used and has comments or advice about using Aero Gloss Paints on your model rocket projects?
Unless they have sold out Aero-Gloss dopes are or were a part of pactra paint company. For many years I've used their Areo-Gloss Balsa filler, which is very different from the sanding sealer. Balsa filler has much heaiver solids and builds up in about 3 or 4 coats to completely fill the grain. Sanding sealer took many many coats to get a baby smooth finish. Good stuff better on Basswood then balsa. Dopes are different than paints, they are HOt fuel proof, which means basicly they are more Lacquer based the Enamel.. They require a special Aero-Gloss thinner or Lacquer thinner, they will not clean up in terps or minerial spirit thinners. They Stink to high heaven:) I've used a couple areo-gloss colors as base coats on models, being a lacquer they work fine as a base material but DO NOT attempt to apply them over any enamel, they will craze and lift the entire paintjob to bare tube or balsa. Balsa filler sands like a dream drying to an almost white color. I used to buy it by the case (12 jars per case) because I liked it so much... I think I still have about 8 bottles. I haven't used it or any other balsa or sanding sealer in at least the last 6 years, since the discovery of Hi-build CHEAP (.90 to .95 cents per 12oz can) spray Auto primers in grey, brown, black and white. White by the way is a finishing primer with very fine solids, Grey, Black and brown have the heavier solids you should be using to fill balsa, basswood and bodytube spirials. If you can stand the smell and have a way to contain the overspray and/or vent the fumes. Spray primers work quicker then Aero-Gloss fillers and dopes. the dope colors can be brushed but you must have the proper thinner and a GOOD brush with a REAL metal ferrel and hair, GerySquirel is best. the cheap plastic hobby paint brushes will melt in the thinner. It is possible to thin and airbursh on dopes but I'd causion you REALLY should be waring a supplied air resperator not a partical mask.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the great info Micromister. I have come to prefer the Aero Gloss sealer for filling the BT spirals and I agree with you that primer is the best for balsa filling. Even at 1$ a bottle I have decided to stay away form the stinky paint.:p

I understand what you wrote about aircraft dope, being formulated to defend itself against hot fuel. I was wondering if it would make an OK choice, given the environmental concerns, to use it to protect the tail of rockets with recessed MMTs from the flame and exhaust plume?

Just musing....
Good Question Al:
I've only actually painted a few models with Areo-Gloss dopes, they are WONDERFUL for Gas powered model aircraft, I have a buddy the flys all RC planes with finishes that looks as good as your cars:) He uses only Aero-Gloss dope spray and bottle paints.
The stuff is almost a tough as polyurethane auto paints. Our model business ends get a good bit hotter than even HOT fuel:) I think Aero-Gloss blisters just about a badly as testor or Krylon enamels in these area?
I fill the body spirals with spray primer also. usually takes about 3 coats. sometimes 4 on really bad seams. but once sanded they come out smooth as a babys rear:D Sorta like this.
Lately I have been using the Aero Gloss sanding sealer and slathering a good amount on the BT spirals. It seems to dry completely for sanding in about 20 minutes and has been filling the Bt spirals in one coat. My patience for a good paint job is limited and I am working on my finishing skills and patience. I have trouble finding good painting weather in the state of Washington(The Great Rain Forest State). Even one small rain spec can really mess up a clean paint job.
I adore do i miss walking through the local Bolek's crafts and seeing row after row of different colors. At one time, I had every color they offered, and would get withdrawal symtoms when i couldn't get to the store every week to see what was new.

*sniff*..the good old days..:D