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Jun 24, 2009
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I just got my second HPR kit yesterday. A PML Eclipse "A" in QT. My first kit was a PML Tethys which I got my L1 cert on a month ago. I'm presently converting it to dual recovery. It has grown with an 18" payload section to house electronics and a main chute. It will still use motor ejection for the drogue. This new one has L2 written all over it !!!!
Any construction advice before I dig in this weekend? Any and all tips appreciated.
I have an Eclipse and would have to recommend one thing for sure.
You should replace the 1.5" X 7'' Slotted Altimeter Mounting Tube and the
1.5'' x 4'' Mounting Tube with a fiberglass tube !
The supplied phenolic tubes can fail.
I just finished rebuilding the aft recovery assembly of my Eclipse.
The slotted mounting tube broke right at the centering ring.
Other than that it's a fine kit.
Mine has flown three times, including my L2 .
Have Fun !!!
The Eclipse is a great looking and flying kit.


Replace the nylon strap below the pistons with kevlar.

Use a couple of shear pins on the nosecone. I have seen alot of CPR3000 birds throw out all the laundry at apogee.

Do not use the included Quick Switch motor mount if you plan on flying the longer motors (J-570, K-700). Check, but I think there was issues with the Pro38 6 grain case.

Ask someone who has flown CPR3000 before to help you set it up the first time. If you don't set it up right the ejection gases can leak into the altimeter section.

Order a few extra O-rings and charge caps, you will use and lose some. Don't reuse them.