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Advertisement: WTB: BT-101 and Couplers

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Jan 30, 2003
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Need a few LONG (long as you've got, up to 48") lengths of BT-101 and some coupler (~10 inches total) to go with it. I'd order from TT, but really don't want to deal with the (potential) wait. If you've got some you can spare, lemme know.

I hate to admit it...but Totally Tubular is pretty much the only game in town for a BT-101 tube and coupler.

You might want to try LOC or PML I think...somebody help me here...they have 3.9" tube.

actually, I'd prefer the BT-101 as I'm trying to keep the weight down...
I'll have some extra BT-101 next week (Friday) but they are 34" long!

I finally got ahold of Jim Fackert and I'll pick up my tube order next Thursday.

Cool! Any coupler?

If you can help me out, I'll take 3 of the 34" and 34" of coupler if you can get it, or whatever you can manage. Lemme know total $ and I'll shoot you a PPPayment if that works for you.

Muchas gracias!