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Advertisement: WTB Aerotech 29mm RMS/Initiator Starter Set RMS

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Nov 25, 2004
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I've been looking around for the best price on a Aerotech Initiator Systems Package - RMS (29/120) - 89002A.

So far a2z has it for $ 178.99. Cheapest so far. Does anyone know of another place to get a better price? Or the best price on a 29/120 RMS engine casing? Then I can buy a rocket I like better. I probably will need the othe stuff though. The large launch pad. My estes high power controller "should" ignite RMS engines (14volts?). I'm not totally in love with the rocket in the starter kit but for me getting the whole package is probably the best way to go. Get everything I need in one package to reduce frustration due to my lack of knowledge (no clubs around here) Also been looking around for the best reloads vendor (price wise). What do you think of the Aerotech single use motors? Is it easy to screw up the reload kit the first time? My ultimate goal is 1:have fun, 2: learn the basics, 3: eventually get my level one (I do know about the level 1 thread) not sure if the Initiator will take me to Level 1 but it does have a big enough engine size capacity.
--Scott (the newbie)
unless you have a big field, i'd build a rocket designed for H motors. the initiator is a fairly large rocket if you're coming from the estes line, however, its a good MPR bird. for an H, its pretty small.

i dont know of any vendors with a better price than that for the initiator set. but others may, so dont make my word final. also, the aerotech SU motors are really nice, however, they are quite pricey. an SU G motor is up to 25 bucks i think...which is enough for an I reload in 38mm hdware. heh. for MPR reloads, i'd check out www.magnumrockets.com they seem to have good prices. for HPR, things which need HAZMAT, i'd go to performance hobbies. from what i hear, they're quite reliable.
Do an EMRR review of the Mantis launch pad. It's neat looking, however people run hot and cold on it. Me I had two and the only useful parts (IMHO) are the rod, blast deflector, and legs. I have PVC pad that is easier to set up and costs a fraction of the Mantis.

The interlock controller is middle of the road. although I had to scavenge one to fix the other.

The Initiator, is absolutely top-flight! Flies on everything from a big 24mm to a G80 without blinking. Never tried an H:

If you have never done MPR/HPR ~ I'd strongly recommend you try a few SU to get used to the performance first.

Try an F50-6, you will not be disappointed.

Then go for the RMS.
I suggest you watch eBay for the best price on these starter sets. I've seen a number of them come up over the past few months and they've all sold for substantially less than the price you quote.

-- Jim
You CAN get a great deal on Ebay but be aware there are several versions of the starter kit.

Each contains the Initiator, Mantis, and Interlock launch controller. The kits differ in the motors they contain.

The kits Aerotech currently sells either have no motors or include a 29mm reloadable casing, but no reloads.

Older kits sold by Aerotech either included no motors, a 29mm casing with 2 reloads, or 2 White Lightning single use motors. Obviously, shipping such kits is a problem.

The Initiator starter sets do come up frequently on Ebay, but be careful you know which type of kit you're bidding on.

As for the Mantis pad, I have 2, and love them, but I use them mostly for model rockets and low mid power stuff.
If I might make a suggestion, I would order the Aerotech Airpspike starter combo, which includes a generic Mustang kit, and two F20's. Then, go to Rocketry Online's info central, and get the plans for the plumbers delight launch pad, go to a local home improvement store, get the parts, and build it. For a launch controller, take your Estes controller, replace the bulb with a 12V bulb, replace the igniter leads with 40 feet of 18 guage lamp cord, solder another 10 foot section to the battery connections, and put some battery clamps on the other end for attachment to a 12V battery source.

Less than 100 dollars, and you'll have a mid power set that'll last you quite some time.