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Feb 2, 2009
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Okay, I'd really like a copy of RocSim but really can't afford $95 for version 7. Does anyone have v.5 or 6 who'd want to unload it?
I've got a v4.0 version on 2 floppies sitting here.
I paid $50 for it way back in 1999.

Make me an offer I can't refuse and its yours.

I have a version 6 that I no longer need (upgraded to 7.04) I won't sell it but would be willing to swap for a rocket. Make me an offer.
I don't plan on turning anyone in but technically you guys are discussing violating Software Copyright laws in a public forum. In order to purchase and use a previous version, then the seller would have to uninstall and cease using the newer version. You only purchase a license to use the software not the software itself.
Even if you paid full price for both versions?

I can see the problem if you bought, say, version five and then only paid the upgrade price to version six.
No. If you paid full price for both versions then you own 2 licenses and you could sell one of them.
I paid full price for V4 and there was no upgrade to V7 so I paid full price for that as well.

I"ll trade a V4 for a manta-bomber nose cone!!!!!!!

I paid full price for the 6.0 and for the 5.0 that preceeded it and only paid the upgrade fee for the version 7.04. I didn't want to charge anything for it because of the ethical implications. Upon further reflection, I don't think I should even give it away or swap it. So, offer withdrawn. Better to err on the safe side. I like Tim and wouldn't want to jack him.
mabey Tim/apogee has a good price on ver 5 or 6....wouldn't hurt to send an email
Well, that's what I've been hoping for. I don't want to rip Tim off either, there's just a limit to what I can afford right now. I don't want to bootleg a copy from anyone, just looking for a legitimate sale if that's possible. If a moderator thinks we need to shut down this thread it won't hurt my feelings...
I don't think it needs to be shut down. This is a legitimate discussion. Many people don't understand software copyright laws and this thread may help clear up some of those questions. I agree that $95 is a significant sum of money for many people.

PS One thing that continues to amaze me is the level of integrity exhibited by rocketeers everywhere.
This is very true! Considering the chaos of the prep area of a typical launch (in the UK at least) it's amazing how little stuff goes 'missing'.

And a typical rocketeer's generosity is second only to their honesty! We're a great bunch - everyone pat themselves on the back ;)
don't mean to butt in but has anyone asked "Tim?" about an older version price?...i wouldn't mind buying it..but i don't have 90 bucks to shell...and besides just cuz its older doesn't mean its worse..ive heard great things about this program.
Version 5 is free on the Apogee site. The only thing it won't do is print. Or do external clusters IIRC.
Version 5 will not save/print, but it will save a design's basic characteristics. Howver, everytime I've saved the basic details, and then reopened the same file...the program crashes.