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Advertisement: Wanted: Quickburst or FF ignitors

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Jan 25, 2004
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I am looking to buy/ trade for some Quickburst or FF ignitors. I will pay for shipping, name wha t you would like to trade... i have some crapper heads...
Yean, people will trade for those :rolleyes: If you were at a launch with me I might *give* you a few igniters, but trade for crapperheads???? Can always buy the quickburst for a buck each (???)
I think copperheads are pretty reliable if used right.. Hers a tip i learned. take a razor knife and scrpae it down the edge of each side. This helps get rid of any flashing hat will short circuit the igniter... Sorry for the OT post...:)
A novel idea would be to just buy some from www.quickburst.net :D Although the funny thing is, I see Copperheads auctioned all the time on ROL and they actually will go for about 50 cents apiece. Why anyone would buy them for retail price I don't know. But that money could help you pay for some Quickburst igniters, if you have a good amount of Coppers to sell.