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Advertisement: Upscale Screamer - Okay Fred, out with the details: )

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Nov 25, 2004
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I know you want to see some of those great decals you make (and they are very good truly) let loose on those details on the upscale Screamer. Like the one in that picture. Got to have one! Sooooo

I need wood stock size and dimensions of fins plus. : ) (measurments of each side)
What body tube do I need to order and from who? Whats it's size?
What nose cone do I need to order and from who?
Where did you place the launch lug? Distance from head or tail?
What motor mount did you use? Estes? How should I handle this? What version did you engine mount did you use? Engine size?
Does it need any weight in the nose cone?
What size parachute?

Then of course I know where to go for the decals! : )
BTW - do you know where I can get the nose cone for Der Red Max?

I’ll be sure to buy a whole bunch more of your decals because you do good work!!! <and of course you’re a great guy>
Originally posted by scottluther1369
BTW - do you know where I can get the nose cone for Der Red Max?

Forgive the intrusion, but you can get the nose cone for the Red Max (PNC-60AH) from either a Screamin' Mimi or Blue Ninja kit, available from most Michaels or Hobby Lobbys (use a coupon or wait for 1/2 off sale). I have also bought a bunch of the balsa equivalent (BNC-60AH) from
Balsa Machining Service.

Agree with you about the quality of Phred's decals - they are 1st rate. When you get around to it, you should also try building some of his Gooney Birds. Fun to put together and a big hit at launches.
The Screaming Mimi gives you just about everything you need to mak a Der Red Max except the right decals.

As for just the nose cone...the last package of BT-60 nose cones I bought had 4 PNC-60AH cones in it and nothing else...just BT-60AH.

I think Estes WANTs you to make a Der Red Max!
Thank you kind folk! I'll see if my Michaels has them (they are a little limited) but this is a great bit of news. Thanks! Thats why you're the pro's and I'm Scott <the newbie> : )
Thank you! (I hope I'm not upsetting people with all my post) but it is SO helpful to a BAR! I can't thank you all enough.
--Scott <the newbie>
OK Guys,

I will get the Screamer out of the basement and measure it for you...

BTW: All parts except the nosecone are from BMS. The cone is the BT-80 sized Nike X cone from Q Modeling.

OK, Here we go....

Body Tube: Estes BT-80: 24.5" long.

I used three BT-5080 lite ply centering rings from BMS, and a 14" BT-50HW heavywall engine mount/stuffer tube (BMS). This leaves a 10" area in the top end of the rocket for the nose cone shoulder and the parachute. (18" or 24" nylon chute... depending on the wind.)

The fins have a root of 7.5", so you can scale up with a photocopier or scan and upscale.

I also have a rocsim file for this little beast, so if anyone wants it. Just pm me.

Okay, you knew this had to be coming but here are the questions....sorry Phred!
I started my order list with BMS:

I used three BT-5080 lite ply centering rings from BMS <-This is a single motor rocket correct? Because they have this under the clustered engine catagory. CR5080-W? Is this the right part

Estes BT-80: 24.5" long <- This baby looked a lot bigger in the photo. Just 1?
T80-34 or T80H-34 (my guess - is it right)

14" BT-50HW heavywall engine mount/stuffer tube - couldn't find this one. No Idea. Not even sure what it is other then to maybe hold the parachute in a smaller tube on the ejection side of the engine for deployment. If I sent them (BMS) your rocsimfile would that help? Please send it to me as well if you would (RockSimFiles. Then I'll have to come up with the $95 for the great program. Do they have discounts for newbies without a clue? : )

Fins - If I sent them the rocksim file would they be able to custom cut them for me? Size of wood? Type of wood?

The nose cone - no problem

Launch Lug?

Decals - hmmm what should I get those...Oh yeah! Phred! : )

How long of a launch tower do I need to launch this beauty and what diameter rods do people use?

Thanks Phred! I really want one of these! Once again, VERY NICE JOB ON THIS UPSCALE! The screamer is my favoite! BTW I sent you an email on the Orbital Transport. I hope you got it.

Oh I can hardly wait!!!!!
--Scott<the newbie>
I emailed Q Modeling and they plan to sell parts, such as nose cones and motor mounts, in the near future. I want a big Screamer too!
Thank you Phred! Man do I make you work hard for those decals eh? : )
I down loaded the demo but it is an older version and doesn't recognize a few parts and then quits. I'll have to figure out a way to come up with the cash to buy the real thing (latest version of the program - the demo is version 5). I'll have to figure out how to sell this one to the wife. She's already thinks I've gone way over the edge as a BAR. : )
--Scott<the newbie>
p.s. if anyone who downloads this file is able to save it under 5.0 demo format could they email it me to me so I could use the demo to read it:
[email protected]
Sorry Scott, I have version 7. Do you know what parts do not come up in V5? I will be glad to 'interperet'