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Ruler of Heck
Jul 12, 2001
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Come on folks, I have 29 tshirst left and I'm trying to sell out. The proceeds were supposed to go to keeping the forum running but so far the forum is down $230. So, here is what I'm going to do... BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!!! If you order 2 available shirts then I will send you a 3rd shirt free. Course, they have to be shirts I have in inventory. So, here is the list:

11 Larges remaining!
2 Mediums remaining!
2 X Larges remaining!
14 XX Larges remaining!

This is a great deal for the family. Buy everyone in your household a tshirt including your dog. :)

This is how you can get this fabulous deal: Logon to store.rocketryforum.com. Order your 2 shirts and in the comment field tell me the size of the "free" shirt you would like. Remember, I can only send you shirts that I have on inventory. So, hurry and place your order - they will sell out quickly. (gulp, hopefully) :)