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Advertisement: STL Rocketry now manufactures custom parachutes

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Jan 9, 2004
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STL Rocketry is proud to announce that it will be selling custom parachutes.

They are semi-ellipsoidal design constructed of multiple gores. They are made of rip-stop nylon and have flat nylon shroud lines. We have 10 current colors of gores to choose from (Black, Yellow, Green, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Flourescent Blue, Hot Pink, Purple) Any size can be manufactured. The number of gores depends on the size of the chute. All chutes also come with a double canopy cap - one under the parachute and one on the top for strength. The thread is 100% Nylon.

Smaller 12" chutes have 6 gores, 24" chutes have 8 gores and 36" chutes have 12 gores. You can mix and match any color gores you want and also the canopy cap. The shroud line count matches the number of gores and are continuous to two panels.

Price List

12" $10
18" $13
24" $18
30" $23
36" $28
42" $33
48" $38
54" $43
60" $48

Larger Chutes are possible - inquire for a quote.

I have speed tested these out of my car at 120 mph (fast as she will go) and have not had any damage. I tested one chute 5 times in a row and still had no damage.

Shipping will be whatever it costs for me to get it to you.

Turn around time is 5 business days. If it is damaged in flight then I will repair it for free. You pay shipping to me and I will pay return shipping.

I am looking for 5 people to test chutes out. Please reply with what size chute you need (60" chute max on test chutes) I need people to test them out within 2 weeks after you receive them. You will get your chutes for a greatly reduced price.

Best Regards,


STL Rocketry
I sent you a PM Edward! Reply ASAP, please.

Hey Guys,

I've got a deal for you! Some oceanfront property here in Colorado, no really a great deal.

I have a 30" 9 panel red white and blue parachute available to anyone who wants it for ony $10. It's a little chunky at 5 ounces. The reason is that the lines are 5/32 nylon. I have hung off my house on the same line putting up Christmas lights :) I have one availbable, first come first serve.