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Advertisement: Selling my rocketry collection

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Apr 1, 2004
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Kinda testing the waters here...

I'm interested in selling all of my rocketry items that I have collected and kept for a while. I haven't used any of my rocket or equipment for a long time.

I have about 15-20 low- to mid-power rockets, ranging from 1/2A to G or H engine rockets (Estes and Aerotech brands). The rockets range from fair condition to excellent. Three of the rockets have been to State 4-H competition (so they are built extremely well). I have about 3 of those Estes starter boxes full of misc. equipment, from tubes to connectors to spacers to extra balsa. I also have a couple of launch pads and parts, as well as building supplies (fin guides, misc. Estes building products, etc.). Not to mention some ignition wires and plugs, and maybe a couple of engines.

I want to sell them all together. I may separate the big rockets from the lot though.

I would like to know how much I may be able to sell my collection for, if I decide to put it on eBay (minus the engines, of course). Or, If anyone is interested, I will entertain any offer that is put in front of me.

Thanks for any input.

It's hard to gauge the value without a little more information. Would you happen to have photo's of the stuff you could post here?

oh, and welcome to the forum :)

I sure can. I'll get some pics up ASAP.
(I have to round up all of the equipment)
list your stuff on a Rocketry OnLine auction

the auctions are free, and you can't show your items to a more targeted audience than that!
Here are the pictures:
Note: * = Never flown % = 4-H Winners


(L-R, breif) parachute acc., engine acc., building tools instructions, 1998 Estes catalog, fin alignment guides, nose coses, engine mounts, body tubes, 11 misc. sizes body tubes in the package, launch lugs, 2 launch pads w/ rods, maxi launch rod, launch controller (for parts). I was going to build a more powerful controller, but I never got around to it. Rockets shown: (L-R) Bull Pup 12D* , Hawkeye, AIM-7G (Estes name unknown), 1/2A size custom rocket, A/B size rear-ejection custom rocket.


The leftovers. Bag of scrap balsa. Nose cones and fins. The 4 rockets that look similar were used for a science fair experiment about 6 years ago.


Low power rockets: (L-R) Heliocopter, F-22 Air Superiority Fighter*, SkyWinder, Corkscrew, and SR-71 Blackbird*


Mid/Low power rockets: (L-R) Python, AIM-9 Sidewinder*, The Shadow*, and Phoenix*%


Mid power rockets: (L-R) Aerotech Mustang *%, Aerotech Strong Arm *%
Wow, that's quite a collection ya got there. If it weer mine i wouldn't sell it, just an opinon.

Are the Mustang and Strong ARM the H rocket you were talking about, or some other one? I might be interested in the h ones...

(just contradicted myself)
Well. I'm a college student that just bought a car and I'm about ready to remodel my room. I don't have the room for all of them, and I don't think I'm going to get back into the hobby anytime soon. I fly R/C airplane now (and I really don't have the time to do that).

According to Aerotech, the Mustang and the Strong Arm is designed for E - G engines. (My mistake. I thought you could use H engines. It's been a long time since I built these.) Both have never been flown.

If possible, I'd like to sell everything together. I don't want to split this package up.
Well, with a slight mod during construction... they could take an H ;).

Nice collection. I am interested in the Strong ARM :)
I'm not going to split this up yet.

Also, I'm from the Louisville area. So if anyone is in my region, they can save on shipping.
The leftovers. Bag of scrap balsa. Nose cones and fins. The 4 rockets that look similar were used for a science fair experiment about 6 years ago.

I take it, they *failed* the experiement??? LOL (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Nice collection. Sorry to see you leave the hobby (to see *any*body leave the hobby)... ...*but*... You'll be back, mark my words and the words of all the BAR's in here :)

However, to answer your question, that size a collection, unbroken, would probaby do pretty well on eBay.

Actually, they did what I needed them to do. The experiment was the test stability and distance on different fin sizes. They were launched at 45 degree angles using 1/2A engines, and the distances were measured. The nose cones where glued into place because the parachute was not needed. So, of course, you know what happens to a rocket when a parachute doesn't eject.
They did their job and gave me good data. :)

I haven't used any of my rocket stuff for over 4 years, so I'm already out of the hobby. And yes, I will probably be back.... to teach my kids about the wonders of model rocketry. But I'm only 21, and I don't think I'm going to get married anytime soon. :)
I'm interested in the parts, but not the finished rockets. Would you consider selling them seperately?
Obviously this whole thing comes down to being entirely your choice, and I can understand the desire to sell one big package and be done with it (I don't think anyone would prefer to box, address, and ship 753 separate packages when given the chance to do just one)
However, as a potential buyer of your stuff, let me make a few comments. As valuable as many of the items undoubtedly are, I am not interested in buying pre-assembled mid power models at all (I am barely interested in buying pre-assembled low power models) and if my only option was to bid or not bid, I probably would not even attempt to bid on the total package. If I took the chance to bid at all, it would only be a lower bid, for the value of the stuff I want, and I would not offer a higher bid even though the other stuff is probably well worth it.
I think you will get better results, wherever you sell, if you break things up into three or four classes/groups. I think you will get more people interested that way if they can try to get some parts, some low-power, or some mid-power rockets.
Did any of that make any sense?
Just a thought.
Split them up into the groups you've already photographed and post them on Ebay, you'll do very well. A number of those rockets are out of production, they look very well made, and the photos are really attractive. The parts assortment is very nice, too.

On the other hand, if instead of leaving my mom to throw out all my rockets over the years, I had boxed them up and saved them, I'd be wealthy now. WEALTHY I tell ya!!!!!

Good luck.
Originally posted by powderburner
Did any of that make any sense?
Complete sense. I brought it to the public as one big lot just in case someone out there does want to buy everything (in the end, it would save that person money). Now, if in one or two weeks I don't get any offers, I'm willing and able to break up the lot. I already have many things called for if I do break up the lot. Yes, a part of me does want to get rid of all of this in one buy (who in the heck is going to buy the leftovers anyway??). I'm just testing the waters to see if anyone is interested. And if no one is, on to plan B.
I appreciate and respect your (and everyone's) $.02. But right now, I'm trying to focus on selling my collection in one big lot.
How much do you want for everything:confused: Looks like there's lots of stuff that can be used.

biziedizie. Did you get the PM i sent you?

I'm currently looking for reasonable offers for the lot right now, because I don't really know how much the lot is worth.
Sharpie I didn't get the pm, that or I got it but don't know how to get it:eek: You e-mail me if ya want to.