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Advertisement: Rockethead Rockets will start offering nose cones and Kevlar thread by the March 1st

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Rockethead Rockets will be relaeseing their hand truned nose cones and Kevlar thread March 1st. Right now we have 3 nose cones that will be avable. They are all Balsa and are ready for finishing. They will have a hardwood dowel in the middle and come with a screw eye. They will be RHRNC05-01 which is for BT05 body tubes they are 2 3/8" long with 3/8 being the shroud. These will $1.25 each 3 for $3.25. RHRNC50-01 which is for BT50 body tubes. They are 3 1/4" long with 1/2" being the shroud. These will sell for $1.90 each 3 for $5.20. The last one that we have right know is RHRNC55-01 which fits the BT55 body tubes. This one is 3 5/8" with 5/8" being the shroud. These will be $3.25 each 3 for $9.25.

The Kevlar thread is a 70lb test. It is soft Kevlar which works good for parachute shrouds. We have found that it makes packing the parachutes easier then the Bonded Kevlar. This will be $.08 a foot with a min order of 10 feet.

We will also be adding Body tubes here in the next couple months.

Please let us know if there is any Nose cones you would like to see made and if there is any interest in these.

Go to www.rocketheadrockets.com on March 1st to place your orders.