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Advertisement: Rockethead Rockets RHR 2003 is now for sale

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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I just checked the Web site and the link for RHR 2003 was not working. It is up and working so if you want a RHR 2003 you can go to www.rocketheadrockets.com. The RHR 2003 is 20 1/2" tall with a fin span of 5 /12" and weighs 2.1oz. It has our hand turned Balsa nose cone, 3/32" Basswood fin stock, Kevlar shock cord mount, Water slide decals and a 15" Mylar parachute with Kevlar shroud line and a number 10 swivel. It flies great on a C6-5 and has good low flights on a B6-4. These sell for $11.95.
I was wondering about that. I was going to buy one a couple of weeks ago, but the link didn't work. I just thought they weren't ready yet.

Anyway I'm glad the link is working now, I'll pick one up. Building it is another matter. I've got at least a dozen kits in line that haven't even been started yet. But I keep buying new ones in the vague hope that I'll find the time to build them. Oh well, you really can't have too many kits can you?

Now if I can just figure out where my wife hid the check book............