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Advertisement: Now at auction, the prototype SHX-3B!!!

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Feb 5, 2009
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For sale, best offer - This is the original SHX-3B 24mm test prototype that I, Shrox built! It features a permanently attached nosecone, rear ejection and a metal mesh, redirected ejection system, no wadding needed!! Very sturdy construction, flawless flight, nose down recovery. A permanently attached nosecone keeps it intact so it looks as cool coming down as it does going up! The model is 32" long. This one was hand built and signed by the Dark Master of Model Rocketry himself, me! This is the preproduction prototype, and is very close the 2005 production model.

Plus shipping
Why am I selling it? I am broke, sick and need the money. And I don't want such a cool rocket to sit around and get crushed in storage under something. The prototype SHX-15B was crushed while moving.
No bids, does this mean you just aren't interested?