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Advertisement: Next Great Windsor Garage Sale


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Jan 18, 2009
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Keep your eyes open. I'm in the organizing process of the next Great Windsor Garage Sale.

Items will be placed on my new website (https://www.eastcoast-rocketry.com) and listed on eBay.

Initial list
- bunches of completed Estes, Quest, LOC and other rockets (lp, mp and hp)
- bunches of kits (including upscale Landers, V-2s, X-15s, PML, LOC, ASP and others)
- motors (1/2 A - K)
- RMS hardware (29, 38, 54 and 75mm)
- and of bunch of other stuff.

If you are interested in getting a pre-publication list (that is a list before I post the stuff to ebay) send me your e-mail addy to me at [email protected]. DO NOT reply to this message.

I'm not leaving the hobby. I'm concentrating of just certain aspects (FAI competition, scale, BGs, MMX, experimental).

Dale Windsor
Celebrating 25 years as a college senior

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