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Advertisement: New from Excelsior: The Nike G. GET GOONY!!!

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Sep 11, 2002
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Excelsior rocketry is proud to announce a new Retro Bash rocket design: The NIKE-G.

Yes, a GOONY version of the old favorite. Despite the forward fins, this design is stable without any additional noseweight. It has been successfully flown in a 20mph wind!

The NIKE-G is based on the Baby Bertha kit. All you need to add is the NIKE-G fins, the NIKE-G decals, and you are off. Like all Retro Bash sets, the NIKE-G contains decals, instructions, and fin patterns to build from a Baby Bertha kit that you supply yourself.

All of this for the low, low price of $5.00 plus postage.

This design is a TRF exclusive (until I can post it to the website!!) For ordering, please see the Excelsior Rocketry website:


There are several other GOONY designs in Beta Test mode at this time, so stay tuned!!
Looks great, Fred!

If I can ever get this big bird off of my build table (I'm getting close!), I'll carry on with one of those "beta tests" you mentioned above. Looking forward to it!
Now that is totally cool.

I can clearly see that I'm gonna have to order a whole gob of decal sets one of these days.

And I'm gonna have to start stocking up on Baby Bertha kits at the next half-price sale!
That's a great looking rocket!! You've got a winner or winners with the GOONY line!

Does Excelsior have a 'package deal' worked out yet, so I could buy a full set of Gooney decals and get one of each? Maybe you could sell a set for the first six designs (Volume 1?) and then keep going with more sets in the future?
Anybody heard from Astronboy???

Mayhaps he has a computer problem:confused:

He seems to have dissapeared! He hasn't posted in almost a week!